Friday, June 29, 2007

scary spiced

come in, child

The holga has a knack of letting you see things in a different light. Something worn down, degraded, something you wouldn't even consider going near... can be transfromed into something so hauntingly beautiful.

I like eerie shots. They evoke some kind of appreciation, bordering on wonder, with a dash of fear. Complex I think. Or maybe I'm just odd. I can't say. It's like you don't want to look at it, because you're scared you might see "something else". But you look at every detail anyway.

Okay, I'm not really making sense. There.


corn said...

napapamahal na ata ako sa imahe na yan..ang ganda talaga.

dezphaire said...

salamat po :) baka may sumpa yung gate.

sparklemind said...

one of your best work .. magic!