Wednesday, June 20, 2007

old school

my favorite corner

I'm not really a big fan of modern architecture. Those skyscrapers and metallic contraptions. Sleek and grand, yes. But personally I find that they're cold and unfeeling. Mechanical. Computerized. I can't bring myself to stare lovingly at a glorified metal bar. I know a lot will beg to differ. Well, that's just me.

I absolutely love old architecture. Even if it's all torn and broken. You'd feel that at some point, it was a majestic structure, with all the details. I just get an immense sense of character that I don't get while I'm walking down Ayala. I got a hefty dose of this while working over the weekend, set amongst the old buildings of Manila.

The holga made work on a Sunday a wee less inhuman.

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