Friday, June 29, 2007

scary spiced

come in, child

The holga has a knack of letting you see things in a different light. Something worn down, degraded, something you wouldn't even consider going near... can be transfromed into something so hauntingly beautiful.

I like eerie shots. They evoke some kind of appreciation, bordering on wonder, with a dash of fear. Complex I think. Or maybe I'm just odd. I can't say. It's like you don't want to look at it, because you're scared you might see "something else". But you look at every detail anyway.

Okay, I'm not really making sense. There.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Week's Worth

One of the reasons why i love the Holga so much is it's ability to capture simple images and turn them into magical works of wonder. This was taken in my room when i got hold of this cheap flash unit. So I thought I'd give it a try. When I had my first few rolls developed I noticed that this particular picture was different form the other ones in the roll. I had no idea this would come out. That's when i fell in love with my Holga.

First Holga Night

This photo was taken during my first ever lomowalk at Manila Bay. Together with lomomanilanians Zoe, JC and Ron. This is my first ever Holga night photography. Since then I fell in love and hooked in using the "bulb setting". I love taking pictures beyond the perception of the naked eyes. Long exposure especially at night gives more drama to less fascinating sceneries or subjects. It exagerate highlights and emphasize details more vividly. The outcome is always satisfying and beyond my expectations.
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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

old school

my favorite corner

I'm not really a big fan of modern architecture. Those skyscrapers and metallic contraptions. Sleek and grand, yes. But personally I find that they're cold and unfeeling. Mechanical. Computerized. I can't bring myself to stare lovingly at a glorified metal bar. I know a lot will beg to differ. Well, that's just me.

I absolutely love old architecture. Even if it's all torn and broken. You'd feel that at some point, it was a majestic structure, with all the details. I just get an immense sense of character that I don't get while I'm walking down Ayala. I got a hefty dose of this while working over the weekend, set amongst the old buildings of Manila.

The holga made work on a Sunday a wee less inhuman.