Sunday, September 02, 2007

Holga, my early days

feeling sentimental ..i decided to post my earliest Holga shot.

this was probably from one of my first few rolls when i got my first lomo camera, a Holga! and yeah, i still used the non-square mask :P a common mistake i guess.

taken early 2003 i think, i used C-41 black and white (chromogenic) Kodak TC400N. this was taken on the road to tagaytay. eventually i had it printed on Kodak metallic paper in studio 58, framed and exhibited in "The Lomo Kamo?" exhibit, Penguin around 4 years ago.

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stitch said...

beautiful nostalgic shot, i think our “first” lomo shots were more spontaneous and adventurous; we didn't really care too much about rules, hence it has this innocent air about it.